I'll get around to writing an actual bio once some of the fan-fics in my head are on paper. (I don't want to lose them!) Don't hold your breath, you may be in for a long wait. Sorry! Sorry if my stories take a while to update/ a change the summaries below. Breaking Dawn confirmed some things I wanted to do were plausible, but it also totally wrecked my plot lines for several of the stories. Also, schools starting again, so that'll be slowing me down too. Current Project Best Friends For Ever- Sequel to "Best Friends Since Ever. Future Projects- Vote!
With "Best Friends Since Ever" finished, vote (by email or review or whatever) on what you want me to write next! Future's Past- A girl is rushed into the hospital after a tragic accident. Why is she so familiar to Alice? Why is Alice suddenly having visions of the past- her past. I can't decide on the title- Jacob meets a strange girl while wandering around in Northern Canada, and saves her from a vampire. She tricks him into making amends with an old friend, before she sets off, seeking an old legend.Sports- Some sort of story about the Cullens trying out/ being on a sports team. Right now I'm thinking Alice joins a football team, but that's subject to change.
Spoofs- A series fo spoofs on "Best Friends Since Ever" I can't get out of my head, including: Edward coming back early and getting his but whooped, Shopping with the Volturi, Discovering Twilight, Amanda fighting with the Cullens at the end of Breaking Dawn, Jacob getting his but whooped, and more! America's Next Top Model- The Cullen Girls and Bella get selected to be on America's next top model! Jealousy, back stabbing, general drama ensues!The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!- Someone blackmails the Cullens into a special tournament where the have to compete against other book characters! Twilight vs. Harry Potter vs. Eragon vs. Specials vs. Avatar vs. Artemis Fowl vs. Looking Glass Wars vs. Vampire Academy vs. Anything else I can think of.Gay or European?- Amanda ponders Aro's, er, preference, and tries to trick him into admitting he's gay. Loosely based on my favorite song "There! Right There!" from Legally Blonde the Musical.Family Reunion- Bella's family comes into town for the wedding, and turns out to be part of one of the Cullen's past.Blue Moon- Edward and Bella's love is found only once in a blue moon, but what if they weren't the only human-vampire couple?HOUSE of Vampires- Crossover. Bella ends up in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital when she gets pregnant, and Dr. House is assigned to her case. The Misadventures of Manderz and Izzy-A collection of one-shots that look into Amanda and Bella's childhood and their many adventures together. Best Friends Stick Together- Depending on what I decide to do with "Best Friends For Ever" this will be an AU of Amanda being in Breaking Dawn. P.S. Treasure hunt in my stories. Every story I write includes references to- At least one of my favorite books/t.v shows/movies
7198, or some variation of that number (I.e, 71,198, etc.)
Some sort of spoof or refrence to every story I've written before said story
If you find all of them, I'll send you a sneak peak of my next story, or one of the spoofs listed above. <a href="">
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Stories Written (2)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Best Friends Since Ever Everyone 4.5/5 53 11 Yes 9721
Bella and Amanda have been best friends since... ever. So of course that's who Renee turns to when Bella needs help with her post-Edward depression. But Amanda has a huge secret.. one that literally blurs the lines of fantasy and reality. Note- I changed the last chapter a bit to fit better with what I want to write in the sequel, so you may want to re-read it.
Best Friends For Ever Teen 5/5 15 1 No 879
"After the wedding was when Bella was to be changed. The frienship that began before we could remember was to be eternal. We would really be best friends forever." Amanda has been living with the Volturi for what seems like ages when she get an invitation to Bella's wedding. She returns to Forks, where she visits the werewolves (who now know her real secret), falls in love, and threatens the ballance of the vampire word. And that's jsut the stuff I'm willing to give away. *Sequel to "Best Friends Since Ever" and, in my opinion, much better than the first. **Rated Teen for mild swearing and bad pick up lines.

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Best Friends 4.5/5 68 2
This is the story of Bella's best friend, Amanda, starting in New Moon. Um, so yeah, the stories are way better then the summary. Includes: Best Friends Since EverBest Friends For EverWill Include: Spoofs (Edward coming back early and getting his but whooped, shopping with the Volturi, ect.)
Gay or European
Some drawings, PoV changes, and oneshots of different scenes through out the series.The Misdventures of Amanda and BellaAnd more!