Hey Everyone! My name's Kai and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm currently dragging my feet through the monotonous tedium that is commonly referred to as High School. I'm a very up-and-down sort of person. My friends will tell you I'm absolutely psycho. Pfft! They're exaggerating, don't listen to them. I grew up with - literally - a pack of males. No kidding. I have nearly twenty boy cousins and a handful of brothers. Someone once said that there is nothing like having a sister. I would like to angrily point out that that is SO untrue; brothers and boy-cousins are totally awesome - if anyone screws with me, my boys will shank 'em. My interests include writing, reading, drawing, writing, payin' out on my bro's, polishing my H-O-T Etnies, writing, impulse shopping and iPod therapy. And did I mention writing? - sorry, cliche comment there. I am a total sap for Twilight (but, honestly, who isn't?) and I pronounce myself to be on... TEAM JACOB!! Reid Garwin is a GOD. And for the record, Caleb has beautiful eyes. I'm a bit of a punk rock fan - think Blink 182, Paramore and The Killers - but I'll take classic Guns'n'Roses anyday. Just to let you know, I will rarely put up the beginning of a story until I have most of the chapters written. I always seem to change my mind half way through a plot... It's terrible. Love to you all, Kai (my friend said this was supposed to be a letter to readers. But it looks wrong to me, somehow. Oh well - can't be stuffed to change it)

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All My Fault Everyone 4.5/5 18 1 Yes 2121
Where are the Cullens just after Bella's birthday in New Moon? Jasper illustrates how they are coping. What will they find when Alice demands to visit Forks?
Blood Hound Teen 0/5 2 2 No 3765
Quil’s wilful sister is hiding in Seattle. What does she do when she hears screams in the night, finds bloodless corpses in alleys, and faces something from a nightmare? Who does she turn to when she becomes a walking nightmare herself? And why can’t she stop thinking about her childhood best friend?
Butt-Whoopin' - Jasper Whitlock Style Adult 4.5/5 13 1 Yes 1597
Sequel to All My Fault. Jasper and Alice track Edward down in South America after seeing the depressing effects their absence had on Bella. After a startling vision, Alice bolts back to Forks, but Jasper remains to give Edward his just deserts. How does he deal with yet another emotional black-hole? Poor Jaz.
Hallucinations Teen 0/5 5 2 No 2832
“Essentially, I was still Bella, just with a few modifications. But it wasn’t Bella that he wanted; he more or less said so.” Bella Swan suffers a broken heart, possible catatonia, depressing hallucinations and a life as one of the eternally damned. Her heart is silent, yet it still longs for that which it cannot have. Or can it?
Can Edward save her before she gets caught up in a life of murder and blood? Does he even know?

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