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Hi, we're Meagan and Jenah from The Twilight Saga for the Slightly Obsessed.... We are mainly beta readers, but we may also post the occasional piece of fanfiction/fanart. To learn more about us, visit our website, or contact us via e-mail, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Also, here is a questionaire on our betaing: How intense of a beta are you? We are extremely intense when it comes to betaing. And, by intense, if you think we are implying that we’re harsh, or mean, that’s not what we’re saying. We are directly, brutally, honest. We are here to make your fanfiction the best it can be…which usually translates to perfect! If you’d like, we'll tear apart your story and sew it back together with pretty thread. Or, if all that you’d like is a thorough (when we say thorough, believe us—we mean thorough) grammar/spelling check, then we will happily oblige. Anything you’d like, we’re here for. What lengths of fic can you beta? We can beta fanfiction of any length; the sky is the limit with us. Obviously, if your fanfiction is longer, then it will take us longer to beta it, but you can send us fanfiction of any length, and we will happily beta it for you (yes, we are fully aware of our current level of mental insanity). What do you hate to read? We aren’t going to generalize what fanfiction we “hate,” to read, because we are simply here to correct fanfiction, whether we particularly enjoy it, or not. Although, we haven’t quite found any fanfiction that we’ve actually hated (putting homosexual Edward/Jasper love stories aside, folks. Although, the concept was quite amusing, but obviously disturbing on so many levels). We will beta everything you send us, nonetheless—any type, any tense. What do you love to read? We love to read anything and everything when it comes to fanfiction. How can we contact you? The best way to contact us is through e-mail ( Of course, there are many other ways to contact us (Meagan’s three other e-mail addresses, Jenah’s personal e-mail address, Meagan’s two Yahoo! accounts, Meagan’s LiveJournal page, Meagan’s account for the Twilight Lexicon's message boards, and both of our Facebook pages). But, if we give out too many different ways to contact us, then fanfiction betaing requests will be scattered on way too many places. So, we gave you the best way. And, we check it regularly. We hope you love us! Check us out; we'll gladly beta for you!

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