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Well this is an account shared by two people, Karin and Marisa. Karin will be the one to post all of our fan fiction and Marisa will post fan art to go along with Karins stories and just random sketches too. We both hope you enjoy all of our work and make sure you leave lots of reviews to tell us what you think!(Just so you know, we are just going into 8th grade and we both are 13 years old, so we're not all that experienced. Be nice!:D) ~Karin~:D<3 Hey! I'm Karin! I swim competitively, and also i can run. I love Twilight to death! wasn't the BD great? !rotflol... i love that! I got it on one of the stories on here! oh yea... about me. I am pretty much a nerd, at school I freak out if i get a 90... i know, im a freak!And the funny thing is, i am a blonde bimbo. Thats right, I have longish blonde hair and baby blue eyes!rotflol oh well, at least i have Marisa to freak out with!woah! i can change the size! cool! hahahahahahaha! i love to laugh! Being happy is really good and it gives you a good feeling inside.rotflol so, back to me again. I love to laugh, because it is really fun. I also am a very big Harry Potter fan and i was ever since i went into 2nd grade. that means many, many years of harry potter obsessiveniss.(idk how to spell that!!) I have two cats, named crookshanks and calvin. I play violin. I am not that amazing at it, but i try! And I've been playing it for about 4 years... this year(8th grade) is gonna be my fifth! WOW!! thats a lot of violin playing! (yes, i just noticed that...) My favorite movie: probably Pirates of the Caribbean, but hey! Twilight isn't out yet! (although i usually don't like movies based off of books cuz they have to be exact or else i freak) Favorite book:harry potter, twilight Favorite musicy ppl: U2 and Ben Folds *i like to listen to him when i write also, when i listen to ben folds, i just always cn relate it to Twilight! i guess you could really do that with any song, or anything lol... that happens to me all the time!! I saw this thing (i forget what it was) and it said "lion and lamb" on it. I just started laughing really weirdly... rotflol! Things i like to say: cheese, ostentatious(like rosalie's car!) and incessantly *i also like to sing mary had a little lamb favorite food: most things... especially if it is unhealthy! Favorite websites: I like stepheniemeyer.com and bellaandedward.com (and twilightarchives.com, but duh!) and mugglenet! and fanfiction.mugglent.com ******************************************* ~Marisa~:D -I like that little face! Hi! I'm Marisa and I do the drawings on this website while Karin does the writing. I know, I'm not the best but I am working on it and trying to advance my experiences with sketching and realistic drawing. I am going into 8th grade like Karin already said so yeah, we are kind of inexperienced. I absolutely love the Twilight Saga and can not wait for Breaking Dawn to come out! Me and Karin are going to the Midnight release party on August 1st to the 2nd (when Breaking Dawn will finally come out! Yay!) I would like to give Twilightarchives.com a great round of applause for putting up this site or else I would go crazy! I love to draw but it is usually just doodles and little pictures, that is why I'm trying my hand on a whole different style of drawing! I would really appreciate it if all you guys could review and tell me what you think of my work and any tips to make it better! I too play the violin and I have been playing as long as Karin has (with the same amount of experience!) We have been stand partners for like ever! I just got a puppy whom we named Buzia (pronounced "Boo" and then "Je") It is polish for little kiss because she loves to lick everyone's faces and she is soo cute! Also like Karin, I agree on her views on Jacob and Leah, she said that there was a quote on TwilightLexicon.com and I totally agree with it, I can put it on the computer so here it is... TEAM EDWARD!!!! i mean seriously, who couldn’t love him!? his is selfless, dazzling, chivalrous, nice, sweet, lovely, and is such a gentleman!! some may argue that he is “over prOtective.” NO!! why wouldn’t you like a guy who wants you to be safe!?!?! he is the biggest “man” out there. he wouldn’t care if bella was ugly, he loves her because of whats inside-not because of looks. jacob is such a kid! he tries to guilt-trip bella into kissing him. i don’t want him dead, but gosh i wish he would leave bella alone!! SHE CHOSE EDWARD! jake just rips her apart further by being so commanding. edward just wants bella to be happy. even if she would have chosen jake, edward would have let her because he cares for her so much.
sorry i know i babbled, but when you get me on the subject of Edward vs jacob, i have to voice my opinion. Here are some of my favorites: Favorite Book(s): All the books in the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter! Favorite Band: That's a tough one,hmm...I do really like Ratatat, The Clash, Hot Chip,ooh...and I like a whole bunch of other ones too but it really depends on my mood at the time...like if I want chill music or wildness! Favorite Food: Well I'm a vegetarian, and I like a lot of foods, expecially food that is probably not the best for me like Karin said, but oh well! Favorite Movie: Another tough one! I like Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Shining and a lot of other ones in different genres! Well that is probably enough writing for now! We both hope you enjoy reading and looking at our work! We also would like to remind you to review a ton so that we know what you think about us! Thanks and have a good day! Like our banner? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Here Karin! I made us a banner for your story! Leah's Love sweet! haha it's good! i gotta go there.... well, i tried, but idk how to get it on there... o well! :D

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Rosalie Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 1
This is just a sketch I did of Rosalie...As you can see I'm very new to art and still need practice on drawing
Bella Everyone 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 1
This is a sketch I did of Bella...keep in mind I'm new to drawing
Victoria Everyone 5/5 11 1 Yes 1
Here is a sketch of how I pictured Victoria
Leah's Love Everyone 5/5 5 5 Yes 4636
This is a story about Sam breaking up with Leah and her dealing with it. Maybe, someday, there will be someone to be the one for her... please review! this is the same story as my other one, it's just that it wasn't working so i had to delete it... sorry!

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