i love music! music is my food, water, air, and everything else you need to survive! me and my friends always joke around about how we are goin to have an all girl band when were older. i love my friends to : ) i play the bass guitar and tuba in my schools bands and have a bunch of friends in it. i read a lot of books, mostly fantasy, and fiction. but i do read some non-fiction, sometimes. i like to hang out with my friends, since they are so cool!!!! sooo yea, thats me!: )

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ok, this is my first twilight fanfic so bear with me!!!! so there is this girl named Teresa, or Tes. and she comes from a long line of mythical creatures that had come to earth a long time ago. when she turns 16 though she finds out and her life is turned upside down. but what happens when her small town home is attacked by a pack of blood deprived vampires? what happens when she gets bitten???? PLEASE R & R!!!!!!!!!

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