Kiss My Fang

Yes, I know my penname is a little weird. Stephenie Meyer's vampires don't have fangs. I just think it sounds better than "Kiss My Very Sharp Teeth" My name's Lexa. I think random and spazzy people are the coolest. I have a myspace I use to keep in touch with other authors, or any fans I might have. I would love it if you added me:

Stories Written (4)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
I will haunt you Everyone 5/5 161 13 Yes 15668
I didn’t mean to kill myself. I honestly didn’t. Was my jump intentional? I don’t know. Was my jump recreational? I don’t know. I remember that I hardly thought at all. Bella's jump off that cliff was a bit more fatal than she had thought it would be. Now she is a ghost, and no one can see her. Will Bella save Edward from the Volturi? More importantly can she? And what will happen to her afterwards? Chapter 12, last chapter is up!Alternate ending is up!
Devoid of color Teen 5/5 30 4 Yes 456
I am no one. Alone. Unworthy. This is a collection of poems. From Bella's zombie state, to Rosalie's decision to call Edward. What were they thinking? How did they feel? I decided to add on more chapters, because writing it was fun. So make sure you hit "next".
She's mine Teen 4.5/5 130 7 Yes 10060
Seriously, what is it she sees in that jerk? Money? Nah, I have money, my parents own a store. Couldn’t be that. Good looks? No, can’t be that either. I’m a sexy beast. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to go out with me? Mike loves Bella, we all know that. Just what exactly will he say to make her like him? A heart-wrenching tale of boy love girl, girl love different boy, and boy who originally loved girl gets SHUT DOWN. This one will get you laughing.
The Haunted Teen 4.5/5 42 4 No 5315
Sequel to I Will Haunt You. Bella's a vampire now, but is it all that she ever wanted it to be? Can she avoid being one of the haunted? "My invisibility gave me a whole new level of temptation. It was the monster of me." (sequel to first ending, not the alternate ending)

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
The Haunted series 5/5 203 2
Bella was a ghost, now she is a vampire