I love Twilight. I have meet Stephenie (she is so humble). I can't describe how much I love the series. I love to sew, twiril things (batons, flags, ect.), reading, and lots more. Yes, I have seen the movie. I like it, it wasn't as horid as it could have been. There were some moments that I truely loved and some I wish they would have done diffrently. Yet, that is how life goes, for now the movie has my approval. :D I also would love to beta-read anything. I love to read new things and not only correct grammar, but give a diffrent point of veiw to something! Plus, like Alice, I love to help people! My Current Read Log

~ Twilight - 56 ~

~ New Moon - 39 ~

~ Eclipse - 43 ~

~ Breaking Dawn - 2 ~ Love Ya, MezzamorteorMezza (for short)

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