Hello reader, nice of you to drop by. I am, as you probably know, French Sorbette. But you may have the distinct pleasure of calling me Noelle, or if you wish Goddess Devine. One of the two. Anyways as you also know I write fan fiction. Not a lot, and not of any worth, but I write it, and occasionally I post it. While I will not give out to much information you may know this about me: I'm currently a Desert Rat who hopes to be something some day. I love old movies and Audrey Hepburn. I cried for a very long time after the final Harry Potter came out, as I did when I saw "Out of Africa" the first time. I love to sew, I love David Bowie, and I adore cats. Emma Thompson is my hero. So is Edward Norton. I live in a multi-cultural home and I'm a Swiss citizen. My first language is French (hence the name) but I find that English is my stronger one now that I've been in the states for so sodding long. My OTP for Twilight is Esme x Carlisle, end of story. "I've decided that as long as I was going to Hell, I might as well do it thoroughly." -E. Cullen

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Life Blood Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 3153
Nurse Esme Platt had many problems: the Blitz, strict Mother Superiors, hideous uniforms, and that ever annoying Dr. Cullen and his jelly beans.

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