Wow, guys! It's been three years since I first started my account on this site. I just can't believe that. Well sup? I haven’t been around for a while, sorry about that. But lucky for you I have this insane complex about finishing what I start. Unfortunately I am right on the cusp of the busiest time in my life. So what my PLAN (all caps it’s that big) is that I will spend the next year or so, finishing and re-writing the stories I have started, then just as I start my next year of school I’ll start updating. Not on this site though, probably on fanfiction.net, because I have more stories that aren’t based on Twilight. Until that point in my life I’ll be writing continuously, not only on stories that are not on this site, but also rewriting the stories that are. It’s been two years since I’ve worked on a lot of these, and it really show, expect much more mature work, it’s what I have come to expect from myself. If you’ve stuck with me through all these years and are reading this now, thank you so much! You’ve kept me writing when I’ve wanted to stop, and I can’t thank you enough. Look for my stories popping up on ff.net under the name: LifeinGeneral22. -Best wishes, Obsessivemusician 10-27-11

Stories Written (7)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Afterlife Teen 4.5/5 158 40 Yes 36654
There's a new girl in the town of Forks, she's smart, musical and down to earth. Sound like anyone we know? So what happens when she meets the Cullens? ES FINITO! Also some people haven't realized this, I changed the title of this from, 'A New Point of veiw' to it's current title 'Afterlife'. Sorry for the confusion! Also in this and all of my other stories the pictures do not belong to me I don't claim them in any way what so ever and I put who does own them in the chapter. Don't sue me please.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03Someone left me a review with a banner! I was so happy but then my mouse got knocked and the review got deleted. So if you are that amazing person who made me a banner, can you please try and put it in another review? I would be eternally greatfull.
You and Me Teen 4.5/5 75 11 Yes 8494
Bella, Edward, and the rest of the crew are fifteen. When the Cullens move to Forks, everyone falls in the normal teenage routine. Except Edward. He can't seem to fit in any where. Until he meets a group of people who except him. Including Bella Swan, a quite, beautiful girl that he seems to be falling in love with. AU ITS FINISHED! I changed the title name, from Same Faces Different Circumstances to You and Me. If you listen to the song You and Me by Lifehouse you'll understand why. 102k212.jpg Converse love image by holli1018The picture in this story and the rest of my stories, are NOT mine! The people who they belong to are in the chapter notes!
Hallelujah Teen 4.5/5 75 15 No 12611
When Edward left Bella was broken. Then she was changed, and slowly she's recovering with her new family, her ten brothers and sisters. The Volturi are after Alice and Edward again. Carlisle finds a coven that has been hiding from them for years. Now its either join forces...or die. Major Changes! Read Pervious chapters to understand!Also I must again point out that the pictures in this story and all my other stories, do not belong to me. I have no claim on them I want no claim. Please don't sue me.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03 AND I NEED A NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the Jungle Teen 4.5/5 30 9 No 6350
A deserted island far from the coast, A legend not to far from the truth. What does this Island hold for our favourite characters? Chapter NINE is up! I added a few things to the previous chapters, you don't need to read the chapters again though. Its just pictures and songs. colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03
Concrete Angel Everyone 5/5 11 1 Yes 979
Edward has known Bella since they were twelve years old. So what's happened to make Edward so sad. Warning: Depressing and contains abuse. One-Shot. concreteangel.jpg concrete angel image by iBrEaKtHiNgS930
How to Save a Life Teen 5/5 33 7 No 6316
Life for Edward, Bella, Shane, and Cat are just getting harder and harder. As their home and school lives get worse music and friends become their only sanctuary. Fighting through it together to save each others' life. Sequal to 'You and Me' NONE OF THE PICTURES IN THIS STORY ARE MINE DO NOT SUE ME ACTUAL OWNERS ARE IN CHAPTERS! CONVERSE.jpg CONVERSE image by shelby4d5
You Belong With Me Everyone 5/5 12 4 No 4433
Short story based on the the song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift.

Series Written (3)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Mr. Brightside 4.5/5 75 1
I got the name from My fvorite song by the Killers, Mr. Brightside, because through all of these stories they try and stay on the brightside. Edward left Bella, and she was turned. She's now living with her ten brothers and sisters. The Volturi are after Alice and Edwrd again. Carlisle found a coven who's been hidiing from the Volturi for years. A very large coven...
Panic 4.5/5 158 1
Kate Mason was just introduced to the Cullen family. But when things start going wrong, will everything be fine or will it all fall apart?
Friends 'Til the End 4.5/5 108 2
The stories of Edward, Bella, Shane, and Cat. Their Jounrey through highschool and beyond. 1st You and Me 2nd How to Save a Life