Heya!! Well... you clicked a link to get here... and now your'e here sooooo... NA! JUST KIDDING! Welcome!!! I am a 14 yr old humanoid from the region of bedfordshire! I like smilies! :) :( :P :D :$ :* :'( ( ) ( )

This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your profile to help him gain world domination. (I taxed this off Charmingal... So im not original... SUE ME!) RAWR! IM A HUNGRY DINOSAUR! Did I mention im completly off my rocker... Didn't think so... I also have a little monster brother. HE'S EVIL! HE'S ONLY 2 AND HE HAS ALREAY INVADED HUNGARY AND INDIANA JONES!! Wait... thats not a country... Apart from my brother bent on world domination... not much goes on at my house. I LOVE Texas... And cowboys. ;) ARGH MY EYES! IM BLIND! No wait... vision is returning... Sorry about that. Iv'e been sitting in the dark for about 4 hours and my mother *Makes cross with fingers* has just opened the curtains. Stupid light. Always getting in my way... A description I found of Seth Clearwater... Seth, like most of the La Push boys, has a very defined face. While he is still childish with pre-teen features, he holds a very rounded jawline with a light chin line. His nose is slightly pugged, buttoned in adorable cuteness. His lips, naturally pouty, are generally pulled up into a puppy dog grin, always eager and always adventurous. His eyes, like those of his La Push brothers, are almond shaped and dark brown, hidden in thick lashes that brush lightly against his cheeks. His hair is a little bit longer than most, like Jacob, he wears his hair on the longer side, showing off his admiration for the older boy. Seth's hair, black with a nice mixture of brown inside of it, shines light brown in the sun light, and black at night. His soft skin is not lined with most of the teenage trauma, like acne and various other things of that sort. It is smooth around his face defined and yet still hidden in a mask of childhood.

Young, Seth has a very lithe, tiny body. He is only five foot six inches tall and weighs an even one hundred twenty pounds. His skin houses muscle naturally, mostly from his actions around the reservation, where he'll try to run to keep up to the older, much larger boys. His shoulders are slim and slip into his lightly muscled arms, and his thin, boyish chest. His stomach is flat and skinny while his waist indents into the v of his hips, slipping into his long legs that carry him. Cause of his small build, Seth is very light on his feet, able to react quickly and run fast. *Sighs* Huh? Sorry... Kinda drifted off there... *Sighs again and carries on fantisising* Jen Jen: Twilight-wolf/vamp/witch!Seth - seth-clearwater iconTwilight IconsSeth - seth-clearwater icon

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Dreaming - The view of an optimistic, blonde hippy! Teen 5/5 29 10 No 9071
Dreams are funny things...
Some people dream of Money.
Some people dream of Family.
Some people dream of Love. Me? I dream of gettin to Forks to meet my friends in one piece.
I doubt it will happen. Catkin's view of Charmingal's Dreaming.
Acorns Adult 3.8/5 5 1 Yes 1201
Tasha wants to play conkers.
Emmett wants to win.
Dodger wants to read.
Tolley wants more orange highlights. I want to say bye to Delia. Dedicated to Delia, cos I miss her now shes deaded... :(

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