Jace Nox

I'm 22, I've just literally finished the entire series in a span of four days (including Breaking Dawn) and I am hooked. I'm mean hard-core, no doubt about it. HOOKED! Junkie seeking my next shoot-up. HOOKED. It was so bad that I can't work on my own novel cause I keep making my vampires 'sparkly' like Meyer's. I am so glad I found Twilight. I needed a fabulous new series. I saw the movie and I was pleased. I loved and hated it. It did the book wondeful justice but there could have been so much more done though. And I find it completely wrong that jail-bait Taylor Launter looks that good. *snicker* but I am totally in love with Kellen Lutz and I want him for Christmas *looks expectant* so yah. Everyone needs to see it. AND they start filming for NEW MOON in January so WOOT! for us.

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Bella's Debate Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 113
A poem set during Eclipse when Bella is faced with the decision of Edward or Jacob.
Bella's Birthday Redux Teen 0/5 8 1 Yes 784
What if Bella reacted quicker to the paper cut at her party. Could be considered OOC Bella but still funny. One-shot

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