I am a 12 year old girl who absolutely adores reading the twilight series. My fave characters in order would go like this: 1.Edward:Cuz he's Edward!Duh! 2.Bella:She so clusmy and shy.Just like me! 3.Alice:I love her spunky attitude! 4.Emmett:He's hilarious! 5.Jasper:He is so calm yet he can be a bit child if the emotions get to him or if he just wants to. 6.Rosalie:I feel sorry for her and deep down we all know that she likes bella and would do anything for her. 7.Carlisle/Esme:I can't decide they're both friggin awesome. 8.Mike:It's so funny to watch him fawn over bella and get rejected all the time. 9.Angela:She sweet and caring. So there you have it my fave characters and reasons as to why. I have a spunky attitude like alice and i am clusmy and shy.I hang with different types of people so i'm open to different things. Ok!So I am writing a song and i need your help.Here is what i have so far: I'm glad I never gave my heart to you. For it would be crushed. More than it has ever been. I can't fathom how you could to this to me. You were so kind. I guess it was all an act. chorus: How could you! I loved you! And that is what i have so far.So if your creative mind could come up with a line or more that would be great. thank you, ~Ash~

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New Start,New Man Everyone 0/5 3 1 No 794
Bella has been dating Mike for 3 years.Her friends are tired of him mistreating her.She however just thinks of it as a phase what happens when she meets the new doctor?Will he open her eyes for the first time in 3 years or will she forever stay with Mike?Canon pairings.All Human.

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