ok..............erm I luuurve twilight. the are the best books ever, forever. i live in the uk and i am 13 and a half. i love 2 draw. If i could marry a Cullen it would be Jasper. <3

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After Him Teen 5/5 10 2 No 1177
Renesmee is walking through the forest filled with grief, guilt and anger. "Think, remember, forget." she tells herself as she looks back on the desatsterous week before. A week that changed her life for ever. The week that her Jakey died. rated teen coz i dont know what going to happen next.
How I Became Everyone 0/5 3 2 No 1569
I heard yells and cries from the street below and a loud pounding on our wooden front door. Alec’s breathing suddenly ceased, his eyes darting everywhere before finally settling on mine. I looked at him and shuffled nearer, wondering what would happen when they finally caught us. A fanfiction about Alec and Jane set in Volturra in the year 1607. i always wondered how Alec and Jane hadbecome Vampires and after reading their bios on Lexicon, i came up with this.... plz R&R!!! i have also posted this on under Crimson_Snow96

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