Seth forever6

Hi, I’m Seth forever6!!!!! If you put the Twilight books in a sirten order you can spell LOVE. Breaking Dawn first New Moon second Twilight third and Eclipse last. I live in California USA and am best friends with Edwardizmine4ever (sometmes known has werewoles rule). We have a account together now named Embry girls2. Just for Edwardizmine4ever to be happy, I'm a girl, she wanted me to say that. The reason I chose my name was because first in my opinion Seth awesome, he doesn’t care if you’re a vampire, werewolf, zombie or goblin, if you don’t eat humans and are nice to him you can be his friend. I don’t know why I chose forever, I just had to put that their. I chose 6 because it’s my favorite number. I'm not good at being mean, ask my friends, well I'm only good at being mean when I hate you. I have 3 dogs 3 cats and a one-eyed hamster. Favorite Book(s): Twilight, Under the Wolf Under the dog (not about wolves or dogs), Seven Tears Into the Sea, What Happened to Lani Garver, Holes, Fever 1793, You Don’t Know Me, After, The Beast of trhe Noor, Among The Hidden, The Shadow Club Series, The Harry Potter Series, and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series Favorite Movie(s): Nightmare Before Christmas, Holes, Corpse Bride (it's by Timn Burten, it has to be one of my favorites) Yes Man, Bruce Almighty, Harry Potter 1, 2, 3 Favorite Band(s):Linkin Park, Rise Against, Greenday(but only the old songs), The Who, Pennywise, Sum 41, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NOFX and My Chemical Romance Favorite Number(s): 6, 24, 23 Favorite Color(s): Blue, Black and Purple (but just cause I died my hair purple) The 40 Stupidest Things You Could Do: 1 [x] Gum has faller03;n out of your mouthr03; when you were talkir03;ng saddly

2 [x] Gum has faller03;n out of your mouthr03; when you were NOT talkir03;ng even more sad

3 [x] You have ran into a glassr03;/r03;screer03;n door at my neighbors house

4 [] You have jumper03;d out of a movinr03;g vehicr03;le.r03;
5 [x] You have thougr03;ht of sometr03;hing funnyr03; and laughr03;ed,r03; then peoplr03;e gave you weirdr03; looksr03; multiple times but then I go and fallow them

6 [] You have ran into a pole
7 [] It IS possir03;ble to lick your elbowr03;

8 []You just triedr03; to lick your elbowr03;

9 [x] You neverr03; knew that the Alphar03;bet and Twinkr03;le Twinkr03;le Littlr03;e Star have
the same rhythr03;m go ahead and laugh

10 [x] You just triedr03; to sing them laugh even more 11 [] You have trippr03;ed on your shoelr03;ace and faller03;n

12 [] You have choker03;d on your own spit
13 [] You have seen the the Matrir03;x and stillr03; don'r03;t get it. (matrix is easy to get if ur strange)

14 [x] You didn'r03;t noticr03;e that in the last questr03;ion 'r03;the'r03; was spellr03;ed twicer03; I'm that pethetic

15 [x] You just looker03;d at it more pathetic

16 [?] Your hair is blondr03;e.r03;.r03;.r03;naturr03;ally.r03;.r03;..r03;used to be dark blonde

17 [x] Peoplr03;e have caller03;d you slow ALOT!r03; I would have been lying if I said no

18 [] You have accidr03;entalr03;ly caughr03;t sometr03;hing on fire

19 [] You triedr03; to drinkr03; out of a strawr03;,r03; but it went into your nose/r03;eyes

20 [] You have caughr03;t yoursr03;elf droolr03;ing

21 [] You'r03;ve faller03;n asleer03;p in a laundr03;ry basker03;t

22 [x] Sometr03;imes you just stop thinkr03;ing and the opposite

23 [x] You are tellir03;ng a storyr03; and forger03;t what you were talkir03;ng aboutr03; multiple times

24 [x] Peoplr03;e are oftenr03; shakir03;ng theirr03; headsr03; and walk away from you but I just fallow them

25 [] You are oftenr03; told to use your 'r03;insidr03;e voicer03;'r03;

26 [x] You use your finger03;rs to do simplr03;e math its why I'm so good at it

27 [] You have eatenr03; a bug

28 [] You are takinr03;g this test when you shoulr03;d be doingr03; sometr03;hing

29 [x] You have put your clothr03;es on backwr03;ards or insidr03;e out, and didn'r03;t
realir03;ze it not until my friends tell me, if they tell me

30 [x] You'r03;ve looker03;d all over for sometr03;hing and realir03;zed it was in your
hand or pocker03;t so many times

31 [x]r03;Frienr03;ds know not to use big wordsr03; arounr03;d you(r03;sometr03;imes)r03; just some

34 [x] You sometr03;imes tilt your head when you'r03;re confur03;sed and not only when I'm confused

35 [x] You have faller03;n out of your chairr03; beforr03;e and just for fun i started a trend at a family holiday

36 [x] When you'r03;re layinr03;g in bed, you try to find pictur03;res in the textur03;re
of the ceilir03;ng/r03;wall waht else do you do when you can't fall asleep

37 [x] The word 'r03;umm'r03; is used many timesr03; a day yeah, definatly

38 [x] You caller03;d a frienr03;d and then complr03;etelyr03; forgor03;t what you were goingr03;
to say they sometimes can get mad at you for that

39 [x] You have spellr03;ed your name wrongr03; I hardly spelled my real name at the time

40 [] You have drawnr03; a deforr03;med heartr03;

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She Was Not Selfish Everyone 4.5/5 31 10 No 12917
What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!

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