I'm 28 and currently studying entertainment/fashion photography. Writing has always come second in my line of talents so I usually stick to fan fiction. I specialize in flawed characters usually, I'm one myself.

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Loving Emma Jane Adult 5/5 21 14 No 41523
Thanks to emerald-rosalie for the sexy banner! Love you girl! She was a quiet, independant girl who was left broken inside after her mother passed. With nothing left for her in Biloxi, Emma Jane packed what little she could carry and left. She had no way of knowing that the tiny town of Forks held the key to her future and the ingredients to make her a stronger person.
Justification of Damnation Teen 0/5 0 1 No 2865
A look into Jasper's mind as he searches for a reason, any reason to feel self worth. In the end, the reason will find him. I listened to one song over and over while writing me, it adds to the experience if you listen. You Found Me by The Fray Thank you to Emerald_Rosalie for the lovely banner.

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