Well...My name is Amanda, i'm twelve...yea...young...I AM GOING TO BE THIRTEEN IN APRIL. I love the Twilight saga and Anime. I'm kinda of a nerd. I'm in the 7th duh...I have a few good friends.... I spend most of my time on the computer listening to music, updating my stories, reading stories, or talking with all of my friends.

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Saint Mary Adult 4/5 7 4 No 3682
Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are Vampire sisters that go to Saint Mary's Private Catholic high school. What happens when their school gets three new Vampires?
Cut Teen 5/5 12 1 No 710
Bella has been abused her whole life. Shes never been loved before. Shes also been cutting herself for over 5 years. What happends when her school gets a few new students, that happends to notice her brusies?

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