Hi!this is britt.My stories might be sorta unrelevant or...(creepy *cough*) but bere with me. thanks! my favorite color is blue. It so happy and sparkly you know? Me and my friends are random and insane. We went to wonderworks(hands on science place thingy)and we spent an hour playing with this huge bubble maker lol it was fun. another example was in Honors History class. we were discussing how much debt the U.S is in, not at all what we were suppose to be studying.....and this really smart guy who likes to make facts on everything said we are in like some trillion debt. me and my friend are getting a little annoyed with him so i said"oh, great, so we're all going to die" my friend hangs her head and groans"oh, not again" he looked at us like we were weird.*snicker*lol I'm usually in a good mood and happy. But when i get really mad(only happened once!)just back away.(right kaleb...?lol) I feel so bad for this guy at my school. someone slipped something into his drink and he passed out and had seizures. next time i see him, i will give him a big hug.hugs make everything I am a horrible speller.Even though im in the advanced class. sigh. such a Fav stories:pendragon,twilight saga (duh lol),vampire knight saga(well really any manga by matsuri hino), house of night series, eragon,eldest,brisignr,artemis fowl,host,and the hunger games 'if two wrongs dont make a right,try three" "Those who talk to angels are one in the eyes of many" thanx bye

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i know its bad...and has nothing to do with twilight.first story.

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