Hi im Emma nd im 14!! I live in Dublin in a lil place called Ireland(yeh way out there in da ocean!!) I LUV family honestly dont even ground me nymore..they just take away my boks(ridiculas i know!) I started readin twilight after my friend introduced me and ever since then ive become an obsessive!!thats no joke!!! I can quote the entire of twilight and most of new moon(yes i have no life!!LOL) nd i cant WAIT till eclipse comes out!! I dont usually wrtie stories cos generally they arent that gud but my friend told me to put one up so i did...i hope u like it!!!

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Destiny???? Teen 4.5/5 97 6 No 5222
this starts at the begining of New Moon After Bellas birthday party accident Edward leaves...but Bella is pregnant...what will Edward do now and will he come back!!

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