Hey I'm "marsha" Im 19 Living la vida loca just started writting fanfiction for twilight lovin it lovin the site =] hopefully you like my fanfiction.

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Crushed Love Everyone 4.5/5 20 1 Yes 1086
banner by Eternitys_Charmbanner by the amazing and talented Eternitys_Charm!!!!! Summary: Pre-Twilight, Edward has a very pretty girl in love with him, but too bad he doesn’t love her back. Edward will do just about anything to get a girl he doesn’t like off his back. What exactly does he do? (Inspired by eternitys_Charm’s "Flirtatious")*
Seductress Adult 3.9/5 25 2 No 1588
I'm back, and freshened up! This story is going to be better! New banner, new inspiration!!! Sorry it took soo long!banner by Eternitys_Charm! awesome banner by Eternitys_Charm :]]!!!!!! A sixteen year old vampire wants one thing for her birthday, a mate. But that mate she chose as her present is none other than Edward Cullen. And she will do anything to have him in her clutches. will get rater "adult" later on in the story, so be warned.

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