My name is Polly. I am love Twilight and New Moon, and Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn! I always come up with stories, but I never write them down, so instead I a forcing myself to type them up! I hope you like my stories. Please give me feedback on them so I can make them better. Please and Thankyou!

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Love Dosen't Always Last Forever Adult 5/5 56 6 No 5875
Edward left a second time. This time it was the day before thier wedding.Bella was changed into a vampire by Victoria. Bella comes back to Forks after 200 years only to find that the Culllens are back as well. It is rated Adult because this is High School and I don't want to get in trouble for anything that happens.=)
Broken Teen 4.5/5 7 1 No 591
Bella was changed by a group of vampires after Edward left. They all were left broken just like Bella. They are each others family. What will happen when Bella's past comes back to haunt her?
Written in Blood Everyone 3.7/5 36 2 No 1033
In the 24th century Edward is attending highschool with the others execpt Bella. He left her and she died in a car crash. In english they have to read a new book. It is called Written in BLood. It is wriiten by Isabella Swan, a late 23rd century writer. THe story seems a little too familar. But how is that possible?

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