My name's Jenna, but you can call me Gummi or SourCakes. I am your everyday Twilight fan, a little obsessed, maybe. But hey, you can't blame me, they're addictive. I listen to tons of music, mainly Alternative stuff, but Rock and Emo's alright. I live on Gummi Bears, and just go insane at the sight of them. I can actually smell them. I don't have favourite Twilight characters, because they're all amazing. Stephenie Meyer really has a talent for writing. I am addicted! I'm not ashamed of it either. Everyone should read them, and they're not only for girls, guys can read them too. Unless they're too scared. Or they can't read. Whatever. Um, I guess that's it. Oh, by the way. I haven't really written much fanfiction before, so yeah [: If you have seriously read through all that, and haven't gotten bored yet, I applaud you. Plus, I <3 you! Byeeee! <3PEACE, JENNA.

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Little Differences Teen 5/5 3 2 No 2954
When Edward and Bella are straightening out their relationship after Edward comes back, Severus and Lily are ruining theirs even more. Time flies by, Edward and Bella fly to London for a well-earnt holiday. Little do they know the company they will recieve when they arrive. Twilight and Harry Potter* based. *During the Marauder's time (as in, James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black etc.)

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