all right... i, like many others, am part of a group of girls (maybe a guy or who occasionally pretend to be random Twilight characters, and guess who i am?! :D if you guessed alice, you'd be right! also in our group would be Leah, Kate, Rose, Bella, Esme, and Renesmee. :D anyways... i'm not really sure how good of a writer i am, so proceed with caution. :D

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Second Thoughts Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 515
I had a random idea to write a story about Alec and Jane from her point of view, and this is what happened :D sorry it's really, really super short. BUT it is over 500 words long, so... ;D many, many thanks to Christy for the title!!!
The Cullens plus a Wii Everyone 4.5/5 6 1 No 543
This is my version of what happens when the Cullens play with their Wii... :D
Black Night Everyone 0/5 2 2 No 2249
This is my version of New Moon from Alice's point of view. I hope you like it!! disclaimer: unfortunately, i don't own anything. *sigh* all characters/plot/awesomeness are stephenie's. cuz she's WAYY awesomer than i am :D i did use the dialogue that she wrote, though, so that's hers. except for when Bella's not around. thats what i wrote.

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