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Hi all, There isnt much to say really. My name is Emily-Rose, Im from England and i love Ben and Jerry's? http://www.cult.co.uk/detail_view.aspx?pid=MNgzVasV1DYMpopM This is the Dress that Bella has picked out for her Perfomance. http://www.schuhstore.co.uk/home_normal.asp These are the shoes that Bella picks out. Love you all x

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Lost Love Found. Adult 5/5 30 4 No 3944
It has been 70 years since Edward left Bella and alot has changed. Due to an unfortunate meeting with Victoria Bella is now a vampire and part of the Howe coven, along with her two protective best friends/lovers she is now heading back to where it all started, Forks High School. Who will she find there? Will she forgive him or break him like he did to her?

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