Mallory Monroe

Hi, I'm a college student who has been writing fanfiction for around 8 years now. I recently started writing Twilight fanfiction and have one completed romance about Nessie and Jacob called Pulse, and one work in progress about the whole group called The Island.

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The Island Teen 5/5 23 3 No 7953
After graduation, Bella is invited by her best friends Rosalie and Alice to go on a week long vacation on the Cullen family yacht. Little does Bella know that this is no girl's trip though. Also along for the ride are Alice's older brother Emmett, the captain of the yacht, Alice's twin brother Edward, and Edward's soft spoken yet very intense friend Jasper.

What will happen when Murphy's Law takes over, and everything that can go wrong, does? The six wash up on a deserted island, and then things get interesting.

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