Hello, Nice to meet you all. I love the "Twilight" saga it was absolutley breath taking.My name is Lindsey, but I would rather you call me Lulu. My favorite character from "Twilight" would have to be, OF COURSE Bella, Jacob , Jasper and Alice. Edward was juat a bit too...(fill in the blank) for me,but I do like his character. All of your "Fan-Fics" are amazing. Maybe, I will make my own 'heh'. Please, don't get your hopes up though. ;D Keep up the good work. =] Sincerly, Lulu

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My Light in The Darkness Teen 0/5 0 1 No 674
"Alphonse" "Once i heard her say my name in her voice. It was like she lite a candle in my un-bearble darkness. I was able to see once again ,even if it was dim I would never lose sight of this light. Never." This is a Fan-fiction of a vampire falling in love with a half-breed. (Half vampire and Half Human) And how he comes to cope with his self hatred.Alphonse and Lindsey! whoo. lol Please, Enjoy and have paitence this is my first atempt at making a fan-fiction.

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