I'm sorry to say that I will no longer be posting my fics on this site. While I love Twilight Archives, it's a very busy site, and the validation team has its hands full. Unfortunately, I write my chapters a little too fast, and my fics are always a couple of chapters ahead on the other sites where I post. But don't worry! Breathe Again isn't over!It's just moved. You can now find it posted on Fanfiction.net, Twilighted.net, TheWritersCoffeeShop.com/Library, MyVampFiction.com/Dungeon, and ADifferentForest.com.

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If Alice hadn’t seen Bella cliff-dive, what would have happened? Would Bella have given in to her feelings for Jacob? I'd like to think so... Lauren & Mike try to complicate things, Victoria's still on the prowl, Edward wants to come back, imprinting is running rampant---and that's just the beginning! \"\" Told from both Bella's and Jacob's points of view, as well as occasional views from the people around them. Much, much more to come!