I'm completely obessed with twilight. My friends call me Alice because i sort of act like her and she's my favorite character. I'm 19 and live in the U.S.A.

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The Vampire Queen Teen 5/5 27 9 No 11408
She was married in 1859 to Jasper Whitlock at the age of sixteen. One year later, he left to fight in the Civil War. In 1863 Jasper goes MIA but he really got changed. Two weeks later she was also turned and killed her sire. Now, 146 years later, Isabella Marie Swan-Whitlock is the new, powerful to the extreme vampire queen who killed the Volturi who opposed her and took control. But when the Cullens are at the party that will introduce her to the vampire community at large, what will happen when she sees someone who looks extermely like her Jasper, who she thought was long dead, then finds out it is, how will she react. And why is there a pixie like women attached to his arm? A Jasper/Bella story. Don't like these stories?? Don't read it.
Face Down Teen 4.5/5 37 5 No 6021
Phil abusing Bella physically and sexually. She ends up pregnant and moves in with her mom's sister, Esme, her husband, Carlisle, their adopted sons, Edward, and Emmett, their wives, Rosalie (Edward's) and Alice (Emmett's), and Rose's younger brother, Jasper. Will Bella and Jasper fall in love? Only time will tell. All - Human. Warning: This is a Bella/ Jasper story. If you don't like that then please don't read.
A Secret Love Adult 4.5/5 10 4 No 4786
Bella has two secrets. Only one persons knows them. That person is one of her secrets, her secret love. His name is Jasper. The other, she knew about vampires and could block any gift. But when everything went south at her birthday party, Edward forces the family to leave. Bella knew Jasper would never hurt her; Jasper didn't want to risk it. For one year, Bella is in a great depression; her only thought is of Jasper. All she does is write songs about her lost love. Someone changes her. She doesn't know who but that didn't bother her. She follows the Cullens' diet. After two decades of searching for her lost love, the Volturi discover her. She is too powerful for them to control; they fear her. Hoping to find her lost love, she reveals vampires to the world and tries to become the next American Idol. Her voice too powerful to ignore, she wins. But who will come back for her Jasper or Edward.

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The Opposite Life of Bella 0/5 0 0
Alice never saw Bella jump off the cliff. Edward never went to Volterra. And Alice and Bella never had to go save him. Three years later, Edward returns, with Emmett, after learning Alice could no longer see Bella. But now Bella is engaged to Jacob and Edward's return turns her life upside down. When she does what she feels she needs to to get her life back, someone completely unexpected returns to her life. How will Bella deal with this unexpected visitor and their new found feelings?? Only time will tell.