We like cheese and Edward and Fudgy stuff and cheesecake.... we are weird. We don't like people who are normal. This is a shared account... or it would be if my friend would write anything. I'm obsessive! Yay! I have written about twenty stories and never finished them. Luv-luvs, Fudgy (thats my nickname) When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in other people's faces. OH MY FUDGIN CHEESECAKE! I'm in love with a guy named Bob, who I've never met! We love MCR, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, RJA, Avril Lavigne, Pink!, and Weird Al. Of course, we love 80's music too. Ever heard of R.E.M. or Nirvana?

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The Wolf In ME Everyone 3.4/5 37 3 No 1773
Bella is over at Jake's, (this is during New Moon, after Bella finds out Jake's secret) and talking to Billy, when something unexpected comes out. What's Billy's secret? And why is Bella growling at him?
Guilty Innocence Adult 3.6/5 18 2 No 2011
A thirteen-year-old girl is haunted by memories that may or may not be hers. Her dreams are poisoned to nightmares by emotions that are unfamiliar to her. She is hit by spasms of merciless pain, in which she is separated from her own body. And then there are the gifts. Powers and beauty are not unknown to this thirteen-year-old girl. And then she is bitten by an odd stranger, with ice-cold skin, and left on the Cullens' doorstep. What will happen when 10 lives packed into 1 body, meets pale skin and enhanced human qualities as a vampire?

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