I am a 27 year girl from NY. I love to write. I am currently working on a backstory fanfiction for Jasper, and I have just finished my first Twilight fanfic, "Now You're One Of Us". I am hoping to get some good crit, and suggestions for other Twilight fanfiction. I don't want leave the Twilgiht fandom behind!! I have one of the best Betas ever! Many Kudos go to Iris Messenger, for her help on the upcoming fic, "Lost and Found". That fic almost didn't leave my notebook!

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Now You're One of Us Everyone 5/5 44 12 No 31793
While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.
Reflections of Us Everyone 3/5 2 1 Yes 987

(Jane One-shot challenge) Alec reflects on the changes he's observed between the time he and Jane were human, to the present when they're vampires.
I Wanted It To Be You Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 613
Sam has to tell Leah that they can't be together anymore, and he knows it won't end well.

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