My name is Caitlin, and though I only discovered Twilight and New Moon at the end of last year, I'm completely obsessed with it! Now that I've read Eclipse, I can't wait for Breaking Dawn! I spend a lot of my time reading fanfics, which kinda pisses my parents off, especially when I take forever "getting ready" to go to work. I'm hoping to post my own fanfic at some point, but I would like to have most of it written, or at least know where the story is headed before I do. As of yet it is still untitled, but I am hoping it won't be for long. The fan-fic I was planning to write may take a little longer than originally planned. I've finished Chapter 8, but the story is outlined to be 30 chapters long. School work and vacation plans have delayed my writing, so if I never actually finish it, I'll blame it on that.

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The Zombie Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 27
Bella in her zombie-like state.

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