I'm 23yrs old and I'm obsessively obsessed with Twilight. I love everything about : ) Although I'm terrible with writing grammatically correct. I have a very vivid imagination, and I'm really good at expressing myself through writing.

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Midnight Twilight: Edward's Story Teen 5/5 7 5 No 20107
I figure since no one knows when/if the amazing Mrs. Stephenie Meyer will finish and publish, Midnight Sun: Edward's Story, that it would be a good idea to write my own version of it. EPOV
Edward's Birthday Suprise Adult 4.5/5 36 12 Yes 15439
It's Edward's 107th Birthday and Bella has a very special suprise planned for him. How will he handle it.
Just Like Heaven Adult 5/5 10 4 Yes 5070
It's finally the night of their wedding, enough said. I like writing from Edward's POV more than Bella's so this is written from his point of view = )
Bella's Birthday Surprise Adult 5/5 9 1 Yes 3481
This is the sequal to Edward's Birthday Surpirse, now it's Bella's birthday and Edward has a very special gift for her. Will she except his exravagent gift or will she be upset with him for it? You don't have to read Edward's Birthday surpise to understand this one, but it you might want to anyway = ). It's written in EPOV. (WARNING VERY VERY VERY ADULT!!!)
The Secret Life Of A Rock Star Adult 5/5 47 9 No 18168
Edward and Bella have been best friends for years. They know each other inside and out, but Edward is hiding one huge secret. Suddenly he becomes a huge rock star over night, and he ask Bella to be his manager and personal assistant. Will there love blossom into something more?

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