Hey, my name is Alejandro Pardo, I am currently 15, I have dirty blonde hair, and obviously am in luv with Twilight! I am more of an Emmett kind of guy. I do work out. Not ripped! But I am trying. I love to write fan-fiction and so i found this web-site and so here i am! Hmmm... Holla at'cha boy! xP

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Alex Cullen Teen 5/5 6 3 No 6381
This is a fan-fiction obviously for the Twilight saga. This idea is not my own. Join Alex Brown in his adventure to discover a more exciding life. Alex Brown, once known as a regular boy, is now a vampire. He was turned by Edward, who bites him, because of his near death situation. As a Christian young man what does he do? With the fire of thirst burning constantly he decides to join the Cullens. But why? Post Breaking Dawn.. May Contain Spoilers!

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