I am athletic girl but a bookworm at heart. But don't let that fool you I can take you on at tackle football anytime *Well almost anytime as long as we are in the sand or somewhere soft to land*. my friends are kind of weird and they think i am one of the next few things 1 crazy 2 funny 3 smart 4 to responsible 5 evil*so allmylove says* 6 weird 7 cool 8 bossy 9 a bookworm 10 tough*tackle football* fav books: Twilight(of course) Maximum ride, fang lover right here Uglies, reading extras Vampirates, super cool Harry potter, wingardian liviosa i know i spelled it wrong Inkheart, way too long to read, but great book lightning theif, cant find titans revenge

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Poems of No Ordinary Relation Everyone 4/5 66 4 No 158
This is a bunch of poems i put together to make me laugh. Also to just put out to the puplic that bela is a huge cluts. ♣ lou

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