About me... The name is Christina and im 16 years old. You probably already know I love twilight! It is one of my favorite series! I really like writing and hope to one day write a whole book! I live in Texas but im from going back to got to USC and earn my major in English. I really appreciate the reviews ive been getting lately and promise to keep writing constantly! My StoriesRight or Wrong-This is an All-human version of twilight. At fist Bella is trapped in a a physically and emotionally abusive relationship that gets worse and worse every day. While Bella struggles with realizing her situation Edward, a rich and gorgeous classmate, admires her from afar. The only problem is that Bella actually hates Edward for being so rich and gorgeous...or does she? Will one tragic night show Bella who she really loves? And will the consequences be good, bad, or both? After Dawn-This is the story of Renesmee after Breaking Dawn and her struggling to cope with being a vampire while loving Jacob. A Volturi gaurd member then comes into her life and complicates it by raping and impregnating her. Will she give in to the vampire side of her or fight to be normal with the half human side of her? Pain (Jane one shot challenge)- A short one shot about before Jane became a vampire and why she doesn't despise it as much as she should. Coming Soon!New Rising- Sequel to Right or Wrong! Bella is learning to deal with Edward's PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) from the war. But is something more sinister the cause behind his withdrawl? November and Abel are growing up and they are living happily until an old friend pays her a visit. Bella needs to know the truth but is she ready for it? Winter Sun-WinterSun Can you guess the characters in this story? I make banners!!! Here is some of my work... RAlteredAltered 2After Dawn Making you a banner will cost one worthy review! Worthy meaning not "Awesome story!" or "I really like this!". Please make it have substance! Contact me: Music! coldplay, meg and dia, magnetic fields, bikini kill, beatles, aerosmith, atreyu, augustana, lil wayne, blue october, boys like girls, katy perry, butch walker, carrie underwood, the cure, dashboard confessional, deftones, dixie chicks, slip knot, evanescence, everlast, fine frezy, flyleaf, the fray, hawthorne heights and many many more! I am now beta-ing anyone who is interested! Here are some questions i've answered concerning like's and dislikes! Feel free to message me if you are interested!How intense of a beta are you? not to harsh but I can get a little agressive at times! lol I can help with plots and charcters as well as correct grammer and excessive use of verbs and adjetives! I'll do anything just bring it on! What lengths of fic can you beta? I prefer longer stories but i will also do one shots! If its a long story each chappter has to be under 5,000 words! What do you hate to read? Dont give me any OC's or something like carlisle/rene or charlie/esme it just doesnt interest me! no offense! oh and no jacob/bella please unless its really good! What do you love to read? I am a sucker for all human stories i just dont know why! I loooove them! i love stories about smaller characters or pre-twilights! My absolutle favorite (other then all human) is post breaking dawn. i'll do edward/bella, jasper/bella (guilty pleasure), nessie/jacob or leah/jacob. I also love hearing about the vulturi members and their life! How can we contact you? I check it everyday and sometimes more then once!! haha

Stories Written (6)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Pain Teen 0/5 7 1 Yes 1075
Jane One Shot! Jane's mother was wrongly accused and her brother violently paralyzed, with all the pain she suffered from her human life, she accepted the vampire life with gratitude. For her salvation and her brother.
Right or Wrong? Teen 4.5/5 104 19 Yes 25992
Right or Wrong? Thanks to eternitys_charm for the crazy good banner! Bella Swan is your average teenage girl with a boyfriend named Jacob and a semi perfect life. But what if that perfect life she's come to love is all an illusion and she's just afraid to admit the truth? Edward is gorgeous popular and rich and he's the object of Bella's hate and the only one who see's the real her. When tragedy strikes will Bellla finally see the light and just admit she really loves Edward? Love has consequences but for her it's better then living a lie. Spoiler!Go to my bio to see a sneak peek on the sequel to this story! (All human! Rated teen for some strong language and mature themes.) Thanks to all my faithful reviewers! Next Chapter will soon be up!
After Dawn Adult 5/5 75 14 No 20174
After Dawn This is the story of Renesemee after Breaking Dawn. It shows her extreme love for Jacob and fight with the vampire side of her. When something horrible happens how will Nessie cope? And will Jacob stand by her side? banner by MRSBellaCullenBlack! Inspired by Black stars by Lunamoon! (Check it out!) Rated R for language and mature themes.
A Gift for Cecillia Everyone 0/5 3 1 No 1417
A gift for Cecillia In the 1600's Carlisle Cullen is just a young boy in England. The son of an Anglican Pastor and a participant in a forbidden love affair with a Catholic's daughter. Have you ever wondered what or who might have happened before his days as a vegetarian vampire? And how did those circumastances shape the person he became? Here's my view of what happened...
After Dawn: Vendetta Teen 5/5 29 9 No 13356
Renesmee,Felix and their child Dawn are now living happily in Volterra. But when the past comes back to haunt them what will be the fate of all the people she's ever loved? Dawn emerges as a member of the Volturi gaurd, Felix has now taken Marcus' place in the Volturi and Renesmee- now Vanessa has became one of the Volturi wives. That only leaves the Cullen's and Jacob in all his anguish over Renesmee's new unknown life. They all set out to find Renesmee but what will they find? Sequel to After Dawn!
New Rising Everyone 4.5/5 7 3 No 4516
Bella is learning to cope with Edward's PTDS...but is something more sinister lying behind the reason why he will never be in the sun, or eat, or sleep? Sequel to Right or Wrong?Reposted!

Series Written (3)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Life's Lost Love's 0/5 3 1
Every Cullen Family member has a "before" life. And before their vampire life they might have once been in love. Life's Lost Love's is a compilation of stories that go into what might have been before they found their current mates...
Immortal Love 4.5/5 104 1
Bella and Edward start off as complete opposites. Bella; a normal girl from Forks, Washington with an abusive boyfriend and a stubborn additude. Edward; a rich, handsome young man irrevocably in love with a girl who can't stand him...Bella. Just when Bella most needs him Edward is there to save her and they become two people unconditionally in love. Through marriage, kids, a war, Edward going MIA and his happy return there is one obstacle they must both equally face. During the war Edward becomes a vampire and after that Bella does too.
After Dawn 5/5 104 2
Set after Renesmee's maturity, After Dawn tells the story of two different worlds...the family life Nessie has in Forks and the vampire life she leads when she moves to Volterra.