I ahve two accounts, one link is up there and the other is at Hey, I'm 14 and I'm a huge Twilight Fan. Twihard!! I'm also a Huge Big Harry Potter Fan. You could say I love both books equally, you can't make me choose. I'm not from the U.S but lived here ever since I was three with my parents and sisters. I don't feel comfortable in giving my real name so... I 'm mostly here because of Twilight. I was so sad when Twilight came to an end, I even tried to read breaking Dawn as slowly as possible so it wound't end. lol I was so sad during the first week,After I finished reading the whole series. Just like how I was sad when Hp was finished. My friend mentioned Fan Fic, at first I thought no way, it won't be the same as Stephanie. But, I was bored, and I discovered this site read some one shots and thought it was fabulous. I realized some of them are good and now I'm addicted (and i don't care if i am addcited). I realized its the closest thing to twilight I could get. I also grew real comfrotable in reading some human stories. so here I am... At first I didn't ahve an account and the reason I made one was because I wanted to review stories and I figure I might write one or two stories (one-shots). I'm more of a reader than a writer!! Although, one of my life goals are to publish at least one book for enjoymet. I don't really have any writing experiance other than creative writing at school or school reports and essays. Lol. So, if my writing is bad feel free to give me any pointers or tips.I won't really mind criticism as long as its for helping me and not for your amusement. So, I might write a few fan-fis for practice and see what I'm like as a writer. Using, twilight of course. Before, I write a big story, I know I'm going to focus on one-shots or two-shots. And, If i get alot of reviews saying I'm good or if I get better I will hopefully do a long story. And, if I do, I promis I won't quit. I would write the whole story out before putting up updates. Cause, I just hate when authors just quit and thier stories are good. But, I, understand they have other things to do. And If I ever do write a big story, I'll only delete is if I plan on publishing it!! But, that won't be for awhile.Hopefully, If my writing is bad I'll get better overtime.I'm Also Excited for the New Moon Movie, Books better though!!...if I can get a couple more reviews, id defiently right another one-shot story... about the cullen familyPrevious bio: I LOVE TWILIGHT, NEW MOON,ECLIPSE <3, AND bREAKING Dawm........who wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM A HUGE FANIm not reallly a writer more of a reader....but made this to review all the awesome stories out here ....i mean how can i just read and not After reading breakingdawn i was totally broken and sad for like 2 weeks and i mean i loved lOVED the series but i cant believ its done..i mean no more edward and addict and obsessed with twilight so i had to find something to do with twilight so mi friend was like go read fanfics i was like NOOOOOO...ITS NOT THE SAME I NEED THE REAL EDWARD AND BELLA FROM STEPHANIES LITTLE WORLD....BUT AFTER READING A FEW I LIKED IT AND GOT ADDICTED BCAUSE SOME OF THE ARE REALLLY REALLLY GOOOD...AND ITS LIKE STEPHANIE WROTE IT......ANYway now u now how addicted i am...even a therapist cant help meeee!!!!lolo

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Emmett and the TV: oneshot Teen 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 1110
Emmett annoys Edward. Because, thats what siblings do, right. Or maybe because, It has something to do wit the 60 inch plasma Edward crashed in New Moon! Emmett misses his TV! (remeber Edward crashed something after the vote in new moon. Stephanie said it was a Tv.) This is POST-New moon a couple of days after the events that happened in New Moon. Please Review. I don't know if its funny or not. You decide. Please Read and review.

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