Wow, um, where to start? I'm Andrea, I'm a junior in high school. I'm going into English and Theatre. The true love of my life (Aside from Jasper Hale ;) ) is improv comedy. I'm the president of my high school club, and it's amazing. I read the Twilight series moderately recently, just last December. I'm always on the tail end of stuff. I love it though, and I love playing with Stephenie Meyer's amazing characters.

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Rebel Seeking Cause Everyone 5/5 17 7 No 7790
Who is Garrett, really? Learn how he became a vampire, how he was enlisted to witness for the Cullens, and how he and Kate fell in love. Banner by the ridiculously talented Iris Messenger
Not Imprinting Teen 5/5 8 2 No 2002
Leah Clearwater is tired of seeing her friends and family imprint left and right, leaving her alone. Furthermore, she's tired of having her heart broken. Hopefully, with help from an unexpected source, she'll be able to realize that she doesn't need to imprint to be happy. And maybe she'll find she likes it better that way.

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