I sat down and started writing one day. I thought maybe I could fulfil that lifelong dream I'd had to be a published author. Since I was a child I had always wanted to write. I didn’t just want to write the news, or a column or a memoir. I wanted to write stories, like the ones that had inspired me so much as a child. I love books, I love movies, but most of all, I love stories. So, eager and filled with hope, I sat at my desk and began to type. It was like a disease. Once I started…I couldn’t stop. My fingers flew across the keyboard, driven by some magical force. When I finally finished, I felt a great release. The ache in my hands felt satisfying to my now elated spirit. I turned and read what I had written and was filled with the greatest revelation of my life. I sucked. I was just…really….really bad. I had no talent for writing whatsoever. So, not one to give up, I turned to the last recourse available to aspiring writers who need some serious help: Fanfiction. What better way is there to work on your plot, characterisation, dramatic effect, etc. than to steal someone else’s and make it your own? Even if it’s the most terribly written, poorly thought out piece of tripe, that’s okay! It can just join many other terrible stories because only the truly great and truly terrible are remembered here. So welcome to my first, poor and humble attempts to improve myself. Please stick around, read my stories and review. Tear them to pieces if you like because that’s the only way I’m ever going to get better. Thanks for reading. Peace out.

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