Ok. My name is Kyle. I'm a girl, (just to clear that up). I don't talk much, and thus won't type much. I'm the shy, quiet, creepy girl who likes to freak her friends out. I like vampires, a lot. My favorite character is Jacob, though. I like to read a lot, but I'm very lazy. I'm a master of procrastination, but I can be dedicated if I feel like it. So, yeah. I'm have been very lazy recently, and I haven't been working on Stephie as much as I should be (or at all, really), so I'm probably going to start a new story soon. This next one probably won't be as funny as Stephie. In fact, if it ends up the way I think it will, it'll be kind of angsty. Although, hopefully it won't have too much angst. So, for now, just keep an eye out for a new story (or possibly a new chapter of Stephie).

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Chronicles Of A Ten-Year-Old Evil Genius (Or Stephie's Story) Everyone 5/5 17 3 No 2736
This is not your average fanfic. You have been warned. This features Bella and Edward, but it is more about Stephanie Meyer. Actually, it isn't even really about Stephanie Meyer because I'm making all of this up. However, I hope you enjoy this story about "Stephie". Stephie is your average ten-year-old who just so happens to be evil. Her hobbies are: manipulating Bella and Edward, playing pranks on Bella and Edward, and basically anything that will annoy and/or creep out Bella and/or Edward. She also has a strange addiction to anything semi-cult. She collects wiccan artifacts, and even has books on black magic. Are you curious, yet? Join Stephie's daily adventures as she struggles to take over the world (and keep Bella and Edward from finding out). Also, since this is my first story, I would love it if you would review it. *hint hint*

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