Yes, I am a grown woman that reads the Twilight saga…AND? I wouldn’t say that I’m an adult I’m more beast (meaning I don’t care and I do and say pretty much what I want) I tend to talk a lot of noise. My life is pretty simple, I moved to small town Louisiana about four years ago from Arizona. I’m a bored house wife! So the only things I have are housework, T.V and books. A friend of mine introduced me to fanfic when I was obsessed with the Harry Potter series. We started a story together that is yet to be finished. Of course I was hooked to be able to continue the story were the author left off or to make your own version it’s unbelievably satisfying. They types of stories that are in my head tend to be slightly grown. Perhaps I should put adult on all my stories. I’ll read just about any story that summary get’s my attention. Except slash blah yuck! If the author wanted the character guy she would have wrote him that way. I tend to leave short reviews for the stories I like. If it’s horrible I and I can’t finish I won’t flame at least not in the review box. :P I’m not that type of person. Why nock someone’s imagination? As for music I’m eclectic I’ll listen to anything that I can sing along with. From Rap to Country. Some of my favorite’s are: Refreshments (they do the King of the hill theme song) Stone Temple Pilots Weezer Nirvana Korn Insane Clown Posse Well that’s me and since I’m to lazy to write it on all my future stories. Disclaimer: I don’t anything Stephenie Meyer owns all. Except all the original characters that the voices in my head tell me about.

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A kitty this way cometh Adult 4/5 50 17 Yes 50276
Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case
Stranger in a strange place Everyone 5/5 14 6 No 13633
How can you fit in when you are utterly diffrent? Kiara prided herself on being loner. She didn't want to fit in with the masses. After ripping herself from her mothers womb she was mentored by a vamp that has more self control then anyone of her kind and is also the most chipper being you'll ever find. Almost seventeen years after Kiara and Desiree find each other they find themselves in the small sleepy town of Forks. Follow as they find others that share their way of life and more.

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