I'm a stay-at-home mom who likes to read and write, and that about sums up my life. The adult-rated version of my fic In pursuit of Normalcy, as well as my other adult-rated Twilight fics including Missing Dawn, can be viewed at my LiveJournal: http://kariann1222.livejournal.com/ Thanks to Achelle131 for the gorgeous banners!

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In Pursuit of Normalcy Adult 3/5 15 4 No 14836
Two years after reaching full maturity, Nessie Cullen is living on the island of Oahu, where she escaped in order to avoid the unpleasant truths surrounding her very existence. What will happen when the only man she’s ever loved makes a sudden reappearance in her life? Nessie POV. Post-Breaking Dawn. Thank you so much to achelle131 for the gorgeous banner!
Missing Dawn Adult 5/5 8 1 No 7423
This is a series of missing moments from Breaking Dawn, beginning with the scene where Bella realizes she's pregnant, from Edward's POV. (Please see my author's page for details on where you can read the version beginning with their wedding night.) Will encompass the entire book. Mostly Edward POV, but will contain Bella POV chapters as well. Thanks so much to achelle131 for the gorgeous banner!

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