I am a sophmore this year and am totally hooked on twilight. i first read twilight when new moon came out about three years ago so i am proud to say i have been a fan almost since the beginning. i love writing fan fiction because i can really use my imagination and expand on something meyer wrote. if i didn't like one part of the book, i can re-write it and have people read my creations too. i like writing where the world of twilight is created, i can just fill in my thoughts. one reason i think i like twilight so much is because bella is really a purposefully undeveloped character. i don't mean this in a bad way at all. what im trying to say is that the reason so many people can relate to and love twilight/bella is because there ijs nothing specific about bella that would make someone say, oh, im not like that, thats not like me at all. everyone projects themselves into bella's character therefore when say, edward leaves in new moon, we are all estremely upset because it seems so real because we've really put ourselves into bellas character. twilight has also helped me through tough times and it is an amazing story every girl should read. my email is:

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All Vampires that Glitter aren't Gold Everyone 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 3846
This is a piece out of Breaking Dawn re-written from Rosalie's P.O.V. Specifically from page 291, at this point, Bella is with-child and this story leads up to her birthing almost-disaster.

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