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Hi, i know i have been gone forever so im updating my bio. My name is Jessi, you can call me whatever floats your boat. Im a recovering self harmer currently 6 months free... i have lived in 15 different houses and i only just turned 14 in May. I absolutely love to write, its my passion i hope that one day i will be able to publish a story... so ya thats about it my favorite quotes are: "we'll need alot of gnomes..."- haha Niall my best friends bf "holey fuc-cracker" me falling down the stairs at school and then noticing the principle at the bottom... "Everybodys got a D2 Boyfriend, but me" Alli singing D2 boyfriend by TMP then i go "Dont worry Alli, i have a nerdy Boyfriend who plays video games all day.." "Yay, atleast my boyfriend isnt that bad, i would probobly go emo or something""Hey Alli?""Yes?""I self harm, remember?""..... oops" "What are you doing?" my BF "Your mom" me "EWWWWWW OMYGOD IM SCARRED!!" both of us "oh yes Dad, getting 4 malignant tumors removed and then bungie jumping at Six Flags two days later is very smart, not stupid at all, its just DAMN PEACHY!! dont you think?"me getting mad at my dad for doing that... can you tell im a sarcastic person

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anythings possible, well almost Adult 4.5/5 195 9 No 10718
edward and bella get caught up in a moment, and bella gets pregnant, how will the family react? what will happen when school starts? just read and find out! if you have any questions email me at luvs.him.mor@gmail.com (ex-bf but i had too many things set up at the mail to change it! lol) disclaimer: i own nothing but the words, the rest belongs to the brillant Stephenie Meyer! ok, chapter 3 still wont show so i posted it in the place of chapter 4 to read it you have to go from chap 2 straight to chap 4! thanks for your reviews those of you who told me about the problems! --Jessi
So Be It Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 66
a poem in jacobs pov after Eclipse! spolier, kinda... know that you have been warned

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