Having been a fan of the Twilight saga for quite some time now, I find it only appropriate to take part in writing my own twists on the stories that I love. One of the other stories I enjoy is "Northington Abbey" by Jane Austen. When I am not on this website I either sleep, attend my church meetings, or play the piano. No...I do not play any physical sports due to my lack of hand eye coordination and the fact that I drop anything that I am meant to catch (once I even dropped a desk and nearly chopped off a guy's foot!). Any questions? If anyone wants to e-mail me, don't use the roxy01(blah-blah-blah) just e-mail to, because the other one is my friend's, but then again, this one is my mom's. Basically my parent's don't trust me so they put major parental blocks on my e-mail, so make the topic of any e-mail you send me Twilight . My bio looks really plain, so I think I might add a picture. Later... For now I'll take up some space with silly writing! La! Your face! Haha! Now that I got that out, enjoy some of my delicious stories!

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Forever After Everyone 5/5 90 21 No 29861
Bella has a nightmare about her wedding day where her beautiful, but mysterious groom is attacked by a monstrous wolf. After she wakes up, she goes looking for the groom where she remembered she had noticed him in real life only a few days before. When their meeting is interrupted she wonders, why is everyone trying to make decisions for her? and why is Edward so dangerous? Banner courtesy of Eternitys_Charm Based off of the movies (and the book) Ever After, and Twilight.
Crumble Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 1296
Edward leaves Bella and goes to their meadow for what he believes is his last time.

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