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" alt="twilight" title="twilight" width="67" height="30">hi Twilighters..i'm can also call me RiRi.. ABOUT ME... z penname: actually its a combination of my nickname and my name..confused?my family nicknamed me alice because of ''Alice in wonderland" and my name is from weird family chinese ancestry. So i kinda sticked the two together and also "Alice" is my favorite Twilight character my life: im actually 18..going on to 19 in 2 months..and i have a physical handicap.. but my family and friends are so supportive..most of the time i forget that i'm sick! what i like: chocolate ice cream,romantic books,Jackson Rathbone,Breathe Me-Sia,dogs(but not,staying under covers on a rainy day, color pink,Twilight Series,singing under the shower,goofing around with my gals,making funny faces on photos,shopping,finding figures in clouds,bad boys,slumber parties,and plain Alice Cullen what i dislike: homophobia and racism,people who always criticize,Jacob Black when he went after Bella Swan!,bad jingles on tv commercials,the fact that Stephenie Meyer might not continue the Twilight Series,Hannah Montana,bad breath,smoking around me. why i like Twilight Series: i loved Twilight because it shows that one being is meant for only another being. That's also why i can't stand pairings other than in the real world love is not like that..people cheat or get bored with each the Twilight world you find your soul mate... okay guys..that's it..please review my work and contact me whenever you want..even if its not to talk about Twilight! special review section: as an avide reader i like to review work and do not hesitate to say what's on my mind. i write for fun but that does not mean that my work does not need your reviews. reviews make you a better writter and so i hope you will make me better!

Stories Written (5)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
my twilight outtakes Everyone 5/5 13 4 No 5551
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Make your own banner at!" alt="the Cullens & Jake" title="my Twilight Outtakes" width="122" height="30">so this is my own outtakes from Twilight..disclaimer: i do not own any of Stephenie Meyer's caracters..except the random ones i do include.... its small bits and pieces of situations that might arise when your a family of vampires,half-vampires,werewolfes as well as humans really weird situations do arise.. oh and by the way..the stories are kind of random..i just write stuff as i get please excuse me..but anyway you will get the time frame, i usually include them along those lines so if a story does not interest you..maybe another one please do read on..
A new beginning Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 1305
the Cullens' lives after the Voltury have left them.. will Bella be able to be a Vampire while pretending to be human? will Jacob cope with being an Alpha and remaining by Nessie's side? the lives of our beloved vampires are changing..and the dullness of everyday life..seems to have left will they deal?
Hard to Handle (Bella's POV) Adult 4.5/5 15 2 No 2849" alt="Bella & Edward" title="Hard to Handle (Bella's POV)" width="106" height="30">this is bella's story on 'the 'hard to handle'' will she seduce Edward into being more intimate?will she get past her shyness?read and find out!
Sunset Everyone 5/5 25 7 No 11135
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Make your own banner at!" alt="sunset" title="Sunset" width="66" height="30">it was fate that united EJ Black and Blaire Young. However destiny threw obstacles in their way and it would be difficult for them to overcome everything! set 25 years after Breaking Dawn join our favorite caracters as they overcome yet other difficulties.They are all read and find out! Dedicated to you!
second chance Everyone 4/5 28 5 No 7222
what if... Jacob was not in the story... Bella would have died while cliff diving... what if... Edward had not been able to commit suicide... he would have to endure life alone... what if... Bella came back somehow... Edward would have a second chance to re-write history...

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Hard to Handle 4.5/5 15 1
Bella is frustrated because Edward feels that his lack of control on their wedding night might harm her!her hormones are raging and she sets out to prove to our favorite vampire just how wrong he is!\'Create