I'm a 15 soon to be 16 year old girl. My birthday is April 16th, 1993 and I'm a soon to be published writer. I love writing - original and fanfiction, web and graphic design, profiling, the human mind, art, music, poetry, singing, rp-ing, etc. I spend most of my time now-a-days working on my original fictions but I still love to write my fanfictions too. So, look forward. ^-^

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Angel Poison Teen 0/5 0 1 No 915
How was it that one could want something so much? How could she perposely tempt me to bite her? Did she already know my secret? No, she never cared about me before...did she? I used to believe I understood the mind of all my classmates, till I saw Amanda's eyes that day.

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