Hello children. DIG MY BLOG HERE: So I just re-asessed my priorities in life after my mother dragged me along to a four and a half hour long- I am not even joking, that's four and a half whole hours of my life I'll never get back- lecture on the environment. And I realised that if I don't want my future grandchildren to drown/burn/starve/be sucked into a hurricane, I really gotta start taking showers and walking places and turning off the tap and not flying on aeroplanes. Which really does not make me happy. I like reading and writing but I like drawing best. Im not really very interesting. So I won't bore you by writing anymore.

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Storms Teen 4.5/5 23 9 No 40979
storms banner We're far away from Forks, now. And what a lovely city Knives is- the perfect place to start afresh, don't you think? Edward is long gone and Jacob loves his wife-to-be. Bella is not happy- but then again, she hasn't been for four years. She's used to it. But mistakes have been made, and a destructive chain of events has been set in motion. Nothing can stop it. The storm is fast approaching- it's too late to get out now. Much too late. The Cullens are back.Char made my banner. She's an awesome person who has good things waiting for her in the afterlife.

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