Ok, probably time to totally redo my profile! Most of that was wrong/out of date months ago, but I'm LAZY. Some stuff's the same - name is still Niamh, still batting TEAM EDWARD!, still getting it on with Jasper behind his back ;D Still haven't got over the awesome of my own pen-name (Jasper? Oh HALE yeah!!) My full length fic, Chicago (not a musical), is still in the works, and still have a profile on Twilight Archives under the name of oh-hale-yes :D (evils ff.net's OhHaleYes)... On the other hand... Am now 15, and, hell, is it better than 14 :D Am finally "eligible" for a beta-profile too... but now can't be arsed to write one. Meh, I'm on hiatus until August anyway. Me podcast is no longer on =( but I think the first episode may still be on iTunes... And, wait for it, may be moonlighting in other fanfictiondoms than Twilight potentially... Just wait and see... And would also like to take a moment to mention 4lettrwrd, an awesome creature I've been beta-ing for for ages, and who is a GENIUS! Chicago is going to be posted with many chapters missing, partly to get it out there, party because I'm searching for a co-author. Read what I have, when I post it, and let me know if you're interested. Hope to start work in late July :) But probably won't finish it if I don't find someone. Big shout to Alice, Cynthia, Bella, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Charlie, Carlisle, Laurent and Jacob! You know who you are. Victoria sends her love! ;) oh-hale-yeah xxx

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Old Habits, New Rules Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 1543
“A new scent had suddenly filled the air - the soft, urgent scent of human blood.”

For Jasper, the world is a cruel place. Just one month after he and Alice joined the Cullens, he is faced with a challenge he had hoped to avoid for a long time yet. For vampires, a month is merely the flickering of an eye - but has he changed enough in that time to resist?
One-Shot, JPOV
Return To Hell Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 2294
"He had never permitted others to be near him as he hunted, a quirk we all found strange. And now, at last, I had the chance to see the reason why." Five years after escaping Maria's army, Peter still has a debt to repay. But when at last he gathers the courage to return, it's nothing like what he expected. How much does he really know about the man to whom he owes his life? Jasper, it seems, is a man of many careful masks. Pre-Twilight One-Shot Canon PPOV. This is by far my most popular story on ff.net =)
Differences Adult 4.6/5 5 1 Yes 1001
“But I saw through everything and I saw you. You don‘t see me. You don‘t see me at all.” Jasper/Maria. It was never meant to be. But what did the two of them stand to lose when destiny took it’s course? And were they really as different as they thought? A close and (hopefully!) moving character study on each of them, set a few years after they parted. Canon-ish.
Mike Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 1011
A brief wander in Mike Newton’s mind during the first days of Edward and Bella’s public relationship - but not like you’ve seen it before. These are his raw thoughts, not edited and prettified into a ‘first person narrative’ but written just as he thinks them. Please tell me if it works! I guess you could call it MPOV. Oh yeah, and there’s a bit of language, that’s what the ‘Teen’ rating is for.

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