Hello to all! Firstly, we would just like to mention: we are two people. The collective Aritarius. One day, we were just strollin' along the internet writing paths the are often strolled along upon, when we bumped into each other. We were both awesome, we were both writers, and we were both awesome, so we decided to join forces a write a story! YAY! Following is a little bit about usses, written by usses. No, we are not schizophrenic. *twitch* Codename: Jaggy Nickname: Mari (Muh-Rye) Sign: Aries Eyes: Brown Gender: Unknown, Likely Female Hair: Short, Bangs Dyed Purple Likes: Pasta, Telling People What to Do, Competition, Creative Writing, Writing Poetry, Homosapiens of the Male Gender, Pizza, Acting, Books, Reading Books, Reading Other Things, My Chemical Romance, Black Eyeliner, Salad, Dark Chocolate, Jackson Rathbone, Chicken, Wendy's, Birthday, Skinny Jeans, Baggy Jeans, Don Ed Hardy Shoes, Algebra, iPod, Push (Movie), Borders, TJ Maxx, Analizing People, Taking Showers, Coffee, Taurians, NYC, Dr. Wickeds Write or Die Lab, Chadley Dislikes: Stupid People, Short People, White People (Very Few Exceptions), Ugly People, Pink Nail Polish, Hannah Montana, Slow Computers, Crunch (Candy), Cranky Teachers, History, Strenuous Excersize, Racist Christians, Being Told What to Do, Boring Things, Boring People, Artemis Fowl, Lemony Snicket, "Teen Gossip Mags", Long List of People Who Will Remain Nameless, Having to Straighten Hair, Hair That Does Not Straighten at the Tips/Ends, Zits, Peeling Nail Polish, Bruises, Empty Stomach, Bad Erotica Wants: Cell Phone, Camcorders, Own Laptop, Grounding to End, Money, Fame Lacks: Cell Phone, Camcorders, Own Laptop, Freedom, Money, Fame Quote Me:
Online: "Psh", "You suck", "Noob", "BEN! GET ON!", "Is Ben on?", "Where is Ben!?", "Ben, where the **** are you!?!", "CHADLEY! YAY!" Real Life: "Psh", "Uh...", "No Thank You", "I want some", "I wanna go now", "No", "#$%*^$$^%", "I'm not sorry", "Just kidding", "It was just a joke" Writing Pattern:
First Draft: 1 mo.-5/6 mo. (depending on inspiration...and project)
Pre-Beta Editing: Does edit own work before submitting to Beta/Editor (unlike most), 1/2 wk.
Post-Beta Editing: Does continue to edit post-beta returning (unlike most), 3/4 wk.
Note: May receive random inspiration and finish chapter/story in one sitting (recorded happening: 3 times)
Magic_Rose (Twilight Archives)
M4ri4h (Fanfiction)
JaggysMusings (All Writing-Freewebs) Editing Pattern:
Writer's Pre-Beta Editting: Does require
Editing: Will edit once, unless more drafts requested, 1/1½ wk.
Copies: 2; 1 edited, 1 not edited w/ notes instead
Exp.: Enough *snort*
Accepting Alpha's: 1, Maybe
Overlooks Alpha's Previous Writing Before Accepting: Hell Yeah Favorite Writer: Dianna Wynne Jones (close second: Neal Shusterman) Favorite Poet: Billy Collins Own Favorite Poem: Made of gold must be the place
To which we pace an endless race
For which or whom we fall from grace
That we might trace the twisted lace
And gaze upon the shinning face
Of all, the Ace, I hope the case
Or god forbid an empty space Or kill our great and endless haste
And stop to taste all we did waste Personal Statement: I just wrote all that. :] Codename (heh. Just cause I like the word): Chadley Real name: Jaclyn Sign: Sagittarius Eyes: Though some people say they resemble the color of feces, I like the term "melted chocolate" or "hot fugde" Gender: Female. I hope. Hair: Short dark brown. Sometimes spiky, sometimes flippy, sometimes poofy, sometimes straight and shaggy like a dog's. Likes: Carlisle. Hanson. Taylor Hanson. Carlisle. Isaac Hanson. Jasper. Zac Hanson. Bananas. Writing short stories. Writing in journals. Writing poems. Writing fanfiction. Writing novel ideas. Drawing portraits. Drawing Taylor Hanson's portrait. Art class. English class. Friends. Blood and Chocolate (...the movie, people. I'm not a cannibal with a sweet tooth). Wind. TOMS Shoes. Anne Rice novels. The 90's. Supernatural (the show). Starbucks. Eyeliner. My lucky green eyeshadow. Animals. Running on the treadmill. Music. Girl Scout cookies (heh. heh. heh.). Hawaii. German (Guten Tag!!). Roses. Romance. Good fanfic stories. Being tall. Singing loudly to music. Pomegranates. Bubble gum. Shampoo. Jennie Garth (in a non lesbian way). Dislikes: Tinted Windows. The Jonas Brothers. PMSing. Geometry. Covalent Bonds. Bad acting. Bad movies. Stupid boys. Stupid girls. Stupid people. Screamo. Prejudiced people. Getting up early. Going to bed early. Smoking. Drinking. Books with no purpose. Really hot weather. Blisters. Ugly shoes. Acne. Greasy hair. Robert Pattinson (though he amuses me OH so much). Nosy parents. Homework. People who don't leave me alone. Unjust criticism. Black ice. Gym class. Pointless parties. Cramps. Manicures. Personal accomplishments: Ending the horrific habit of biting my nails *taps fingers on keys and relishes in clicking sound*. Drinking only water (no soda or tea allowed :P). Meeting Hanson. Wants: Go to Stanford. Be an author. Be Hanson's best friend (psh. I'm sure that's gonna happen...). Lacks: Independence (from my parents). Can't Live Without: My iPod..and Jaggy<3 (<-the most important) :P. Can Live Without: Many eletronical devices. Favorite Author: Anne Rice. Favorite Band: Since The Jonas Brothers are the antichrist (:P) I say Hanson. *cheers* Favorite Twilight Character: Carlisle.

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Cerberus Teen 0/5 0 1 No 509
Part one; Aphelion. Picking up after the end of Eclipse, Bella and Edward try to begin their new life together. However, new issues with Jacob arise, unexpected enemies are made, and an ancient myth, one that even the most powerful creatures on earth fear, is unleashed...

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