Time to update the bio again! I am eighteen years old, almost nineteen and in college! I'm so old. I still run cross country and track, though now I am a Bengal Tiger, not a stupid Eagle. Somehow, I think I will survive. My new team is just as awesome as my old one, though a lot bigger, rowdier and more drunk. But it's okay; I still love them. My three cats are all alive and well: Princesses Jasmine (Jazz), Jesslyn (Jessi), and Pixie--the annoying and energetic kitten that I just had to adopt and now makes my life a living annoyance--are their names. I love them very much. I just finished writing Horripilation. It's the longest story I've ever written for Twilight. It wouldn't freaking end! And I was soooooo ready for it, too. I keep trying to quit writing Twilight fanfiction because I absolutely loathe the main characters, but I keep failing. I'm always coming up with ideas for hilarious stories involving the rim characters, who are so much more interesting and have some depth. My next story, which will be the mini-kinda-sequel to Horripilation will be American Werewolf in Volterra. It's a spin off of those bad eighties movies. Hope you all will ready it and enjoy it. If I could only write my original stories like I write freaking fanfiction, I'd be a millionaire. Why can't I give up fanfiction?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's been a little while since I broke up with my boyfriend. It still is awkward. Men are still assholes. But at least it's football season. I love football, but not as much as I love basketball. Go UK!!!!!! And if you don't like it, than you can suck it. Grant and I broke up. He's a controlling, possessive asshole so I'm better off. I'm dating Mark now. I've liked him since the beginning of the semester but we could never seem to get together. We are now haha. I'm no longer a redhead, but back to brown. Now, on a whim, I got a perm. I look like a mop. Or as Grant called me, a manic, insane poodle. Bitter much lol? I'm in the market for a new professional football team, if anyone has any suggestions. Just not the Bengals. I can't stand the Bengals. Luvs, Ange

Stories Written (15)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Nightshade - Waking Nightmare Teen 5/5 390 42 Yes 106009
Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!
Sk8r Boi Everyone 5/5 25 1 Yes 903
Ten years have passed since Mike Newton and the rest of graduated from high school. Now, he is the most successful rocker of the year, has the hottest girlfriend in Hollywood and is rich beyond compare. Naturally, he is unhappy. But a chance encounter with someone from his past makes him see that al hope is not lost.
Amaranth Teen 5/5 21 5 No 12141
No one told me that mythological creatures existed. No one told me that they would be such a major part of my life. If I could go back, would I choose to never have met any of them?
The Night Before (Life Goes On) Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1473
It is the last night of summer. The moon sines down bright on two lovers, the two soul mates of Forks, and, sadly, it is not a happy occasion.
Rich Girl Adult 5/5 25 1 Yes 1411
Lauren Mallory's life after high school. Once a bitch, always a bitch. Isn't that how the saying goes? Based on the song: Rich Girl, by Hall N' Oates
Headset (or Ambivalent Redemption) Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 865

Jessica is much more deep and complex than anyone ever thought- Edward included. It just takes a little nudge- like maybe one of her good friends getting married?- for Jessica to realize just what it is that she wants from life and not what she’s supposed to want. This song is Headset by Avril Lavigne. I recommend listening to it while reading. If you want. It's your choice. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything…
Slow Me Down - A Jacob Black FanFiction Adult 3.4/5 5 1 Yes 1208

He had never known love. He thought that she was the best in the world. Oh how fate could twist one’s view. A simple what Jacob finds at the end of his long run story.
This is written to the song Slow Me Down be Emmy Rossum. It shows Jacob’s feelings better than I could ever manage.
Savages Everyone 4.5/5 14 1 Yes 1972
The treaty is broken. And it is time for the consequences. For sure, one race will not return home.
Waking Nightmare Teen 5/5 11 9 Yes 23975
A new score of vampires threatens the inhabitants of Forks. The Cullens barely escape the massacre but are forced to return to help save what is left of the town. But with Emma on the fritz and Bella's own conflicts of right and wrong, vampires or werewolves, the future of Forks does not look very promising. The worst part… vampires that don't know when to quit keep popping up. And people keep dying. This is the much anticipated sequel to Nightshade. It will be finished before Breaking Dawn is published!
The Ceiling Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 553
Bella stares at the ceiling and parallels her life to it.
I Need You to Love Me Teen 5/5 77 20 Yes 59551
A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.
Horripilation Adult 5/5 106 32 Yes 109984
Finished. Six years after Breaking Dawn, a brutal murder is committed near Forks. When called in the middle of the night, Charlie Swan rushes off to do his civic duty and protect the public. Three hours later, he returns home with a new ward: the only survivor of the double homicide. From the beginning, it is clear that the poor thing needs a new start, a new life- and someone to save her from her old one, especially when ghosts from the past resurface. And, with Nessie determined to overcome her own demons, the two realize that friendship can come from the strangest places.
Live This Life Teen 5/5 6 7 No 22996
Sequel to I Need You to Love Me. It is strongly recommended that you read that first or else you won't know half the characters. She doesn't own a dress, and her hair is always a mess. If you catch her stealing, she won't confess. She's beautiful. Here she is again on the phone. Just like me, she hates to be alone. We just like to sit at home. Well she wants to live her life, then she thinks about her "life". Pulls her hair back as she screams, "I don't really wanna be the queen, I--I don't really wanna live this life.
Aesthete Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 6173
The Great Historian was also the world’s greatest aesthete. He loved beauty, and the finest the world had to offer. Over the years, he had acquired many valuable treasures. He loved them all. They were exquisite, priceless, and irreplaceable.
American Werewolf in Volterra Adult 0/5 0 3 No 12212
It was just a European Vacation, for Ian Alexander, who is suddenly swept up in a crazy world that is just too surreal to believe. But he's now a werewolf in one of the largest dens in history, submissive to an asshole who is intent on destroying every vampire in the world. Worse, when rumors of a pup surface, both worlds rush to find it, ready to kill whoever is sheltering the kid. Of course, Ian would be the one to find it. But he can't bring himself to want to hurt the little kid, or the outspoken woman who protects him. Sequel to Horripilation

Series Written (3)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Innocence Dying 3.7/5 235 7
Includes the stories:\\r\\n\\r\\nNightshade\\r\\n\\r\\nNightmare\\r\\n\\r\\nNew Dawn\\r\\n\\r\\nAny other little side fics that I choose to write with the characters from the afore mentioned stories.
Life Goes On 3.6/5 71 5
Many one-shots about the Twilight characters after graduation.
The Prayer 3.7/5 189 4
\r\n\r\nLord, where is our freedom?
When will our hope begin?
Lord, what of the promise you made?
When will it come?
We have waited for the time
For the truth to live, when justice will shine
Too long those hands of greed
Held on and made us bleed
When will your people breathe
Lord, will it come?

Lord, what of our children?
Will they always depend on you?
Lord, why are they scattered and torn
And their young hearts in chains
How they hunger for liberty
Feel their hatred of poverty
Let their spirit rise, soaring free
Lord let it come
Our day will come \r\nThis series follows the saga of Horripilation, American Werewolf in Volterra, and Precious Children: the stories tell of every man\'s struggles to find what is right and find freedom by breaking out of bondage. \r\n \r\n\r\n