As of 2010, my stories are all officially on permanent hiatus. I'm sorry, but I'm not writing Twilight fanfic anymore and I've lost the inspiration to do so. Thanks so much for all the love, effort and wonderful time you've given me here, bleedforyou

Stories Written (13)

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My One Love Teen 5/5 514 22 Yes 55677
I changed the summary: Our lives are stories that interwine with each other... our destinies are all related to one thing: love. No matter if you believe in it or not, everyone has a soulmate, it just takes some work to find one. This is a story about Bella, Edward, and other characters of twilight series, including some visitors that you will simply love! Please read the sequel to this story: Love's Light *stephanie Meyer owns all, and im just a normal addicted teenager*  (banner by Marauder by midnight--Thank you)
Stupid Giraffe Everyone 5/5 47 1 Yes 938
this was my story for the cupcake luck, though...congrats to the ones who did win! :)
My Life before you Everyone 4.5/5 70 5 No 7165
(previously titled: that's so gay...) Edward's life before his beautiful Bella, how did it feel to grow up, without really growing up? Chapter 5 is finally up!
Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone 4.5/5 29 1 Yes 2630
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wrote a small one-shot for this great holiday! :) Check it out. it's really sweet.
Love's Light Adult 3.5/5 797 30 No 71150
Loves_light.png banner picture by munky_hashmi This beautiful banner was made by the amazing Marauder by Midnight! thank you! The sequel to My One Love! Life and love can only meet through colossal experiences…like turning into a vampire. This story is all about life with Bella as a vampire with Edward at her side, Jake and Ally's love, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme, and of course, Dan's new life. We all do crazy things when in love, imagine being a mythical creature when in love! WELLLL. Chapter 30 is up and ready to read.
Edward's Twilight Everyone 4.5/5 213 10 No 14368
 The world is on it's axis...and reversed? What if: Edward was the vulnerable human? Bella was the powerful vampire? La Tua Cantante was not a problem with strong Bella? What if...there were other problems? Hey, you, yeah, you with the eyes. Come click on this story. It's worth it. Lol. Chapter 10 is up fool!
Doctor Doctor Adult 4.5/5 23 1 Yes 930
Carlisle and Esme share their utter desires... lovely Rated R for sexual preferences...don't like, don't read. sweet one-shot for a loosely mentioned Twilight Couple
No Air Everyone 5/5 12 1 Yes 820
Based on Bella and Edward's feelings during New was so hard for them to breathe without each other...
My Valentine? Everyone 4.5/5 137 9 No 8131
A series of one-shots of what various couples of Twilight have done on this oh-so beautiful holiday of Valentine's Day. Quil and Claire are up!!!
Hey Kitty Kitty Everyone 5/5 79 4 No 5606
What if kismet didn't happen so often for poor Bella? What if she never found those motorcycles, therefore never went down to Jacob Black? What if...there was someone else waiting for her? A twist on New Moon Chapter 4 is up
He is in my senses Everyone 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 963
One-shot Nothing can compare to the way he drives my senses crazy. How the hell does he do it?!
Tough Love Everyone 5/5 23 4 No 5947
Leaving your love is hard, but forgetting about the pain is even worse. Try telling that to Edward Cullen. When he thinks he's imagining things, he doesn't know how real things are about to get. A twist on New Moon Chapter 3 is up!
A simple story Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 1148
Well, this is my entry for the "It was a Dark and Stormy Night" contest. Hope you like it ;) 3rd Place Winner of "It Was a dark and Stormy Night" Challenge. Awesome banner made my awsomealice94

Series Written (1)

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Love, Love, Love 3.5/5 1311 2
A series of love stories based on the so beloved Stephanie Meyer books. Forever is not very long when you're in love with someone who loves you back... 1) My One Love 2) Love's Light *disclaimer: these are simply fanfiction, written to please, not publish* And yes, I do put a little playlist at the end of every chapter.